Volcán de mi Tierra

Welcome to a a New Era of Tequila

Volcán de mi Tierra (Volcano of my land) pays hommage to and is named after a real volcano that sits in the Lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, "Volcán de Tequilla". 200,000 years aho the tequila volcano erupted, shaping the land and topography of the Jalisco region. That eruption covered the area in rich volcanic soil, making the area ideal for the growth of blue agave. Volcán is built on an assemblage, selecting the very best agave from two regions (Lowlands and Highlands) to reach a complex and elegant liquid.
地區: Jalisco, Mexico 始創於: 2017


  • Blanco

    Volcán de mi Tierra Blanco融入草本柑橘與墨西哥低地區象徵性的辛辣口味,以及富高地區特色的櫻桃和梨子果香。其味道結合了龍舌蘭的甜蜜和微妙的柚子味,配與淡淡的黑胡椒辛香,成就出完美的平衡。
  • Cristalino

    Volcán de mi Tierra Añejo Cristalino 凝聚各種香氣:煙草、乾果、巧克力、焦糖、香草,以及經烹煮的龍舌蘭互相融合,成就Añejo Cristalino獨特而雅致的格調。

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