The world’s first luxury premium tequila.
Made with 100% blue agave plant.

Each bottle of Tequila Don Julio is made from the same handpicked,
100% pure, blue Weber agave plants from the highlands of Jalisco.
It is here where each agave plant is allowed to grow seven to ten years before it is harvested,
resulting in the mellow, fully developed agave flavor Tequila Don Julio is known for.
It is this attention to quality, craftsmanship and tradition
that sets Tequila Don Julio apart from other tequilas and makes it the world’s finest luxury tequila.

Don Julio® Tequila is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco,
where the microclimate and mineral-rich clay soil allow the blue agave plant to flourish.
Each drop of Don Julio® Tequila is produced here and each bottle features our NOM number
— our seal of authenticity — signifying where the tequila was made.
Unlike many other distilleries,
La Primavera only produces one ultra-premium tequila, Don Julio® Tequila.
Each product is crafted with the same attention to detail and passion that Don Julio González embodied.
Area: Mexico Foundation: 1942


  • Don Julio Blanco

    DON JULIO BLANCO is the base from which all of the other variants are derived. Its crisp agave flavor and hints of citrus make it an essential component to a variety of innovative drinks including margaritas.
  • Don Julio Repsosado

    Reposado (Spanish) means 'Rested'.
    Barrel aged for 8 months in American white-oak barrels.  (Classification of reposado should be aged for 2 to 11 months)
  • Don Julio Anejo

    Anejo (Spanish) means 'Aged'.

    Barrel aged in smaller batches for 18 months in American white-oak barrels.  (Aged over 12 months can be classified as Anejo)
  • Don Julio 1942

    In commemoration of Don Julio’s 60th anniversary of producing the highest quality tequila, Tequila Don Julio 1942 was born.

    Barrel aged at a minimum of 2.5 years in American white-oak barrels.

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