Ao Yun, "flying above the clouds",
is the story of an epic journey to a mystical place
where an exceptional spirit of craft is encountered.

Ao Yun celebrates the visionary, the iconoclastic, the brave and the singular.
Our continuous quest to reimagine what’s possible defines the very notion of luxury
– extraordinary, exceptional and rare. Inspired by the myth of Shangri-La
we went on a quest to scale new heights of excellence through grit and persistence.
At 2,600 meters, we created one of the highest wineries of the world,
suspended between sky and earth - Ao Yun was born.
Area: Remote valleys in the World heritage region of Three Parallel Rivers in the north of Yunnan, at 2,600 meters Foundation: 2014


  • AO YUN 2016

    Elegance, freshness and complexity are the cornerstones of Ao Yun’s winemaking philosophy, and this vintage – the Chinese estate’s fourth – is a stunning representation of all three.
    "This vintage signifies the rebirth of our wine through new plantings, new terroirs and new grape varieties that contribute complexity and elegance It is also a reference to the wonderful end of season that saved the harvest" Maxence Dulou, Estate Director & Winemaker of Ao Yun

    Latest rating: 96 points -James Suckling


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