WhistlePig Whiskey is the leading independent craft whiskey brand. We push boundaries in the industry to make the biggest, boldest and best whiskeys in the world.

Our high Rye whiskeys, unconventional team and remote place set us apart from other American whiskeys. Located off the grid in Vermont, our whiskey is crafted by a new generation of distillers and blenders doing things our own way to reinvent and unlock the flavor of Rye Whiskey. 
We’re unexpected: We have zero generations of family tradition behind us. We dream big, act boldly and take chances in our pursuit of experimenting to create first-of-their-kind whiskeys. 
We believe making and drinking great whiskey should always be fun, and never formal. Our pigs agree.
Area: Vermont, American Foundation: 2007


  • WhistlePig Small Batch Rye – AGED 10 YEARS

    The Quintessential Rye that started it all. True to our original Master Distiller’s vision, it’s a high Rye whiskey with a bold, spice forward whiskey that offers new layers of complexity with every year of age. And at 100 Proof, it’s versatile no matter how you drink it. Ingenuity, determination, and a fearless pursuit of flavour led us here, and we never turned back.
  • WhistlePig  Old World Cask Finish – AGED 12 YEARS

    A vanguard of finishing, with classic notes in a strikingly new arrangement. This whiskey is the marriage of three finishes, each with their own distinctive flavour profiles. After maturing for 12 years in New American Oak, the spirit is divided into one of three barrels –Madeira (63%), Sauternes (30%) and Port (7%). Finished to perfection and blended into a symphony of flavour. It started as a grand experiment and ended as the first Rye whiskey of its kind, giving you Rye in all its glory… and then some.
  • WhistlePig Estate Oak Rye – AGED 15 YEARS

    One of WhistlePig’s oldest whiskeys, Estate Oak Rye is a Rye enthusiasts dream come true. It takes its name from our Vermont Estate Oak, where it finishes its long, 15 year life. Sustainably harvested near our 500-acre farm, the wood has more rings than the standard American oak used in whiskey barrels, imparting more flavour during final maturation. Custom toast and char profiles takes the flavor even further, just like a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Hitting the bottle at 92-proof, the liquid is assertive and wise beyond its 15 year age statement. A pure expression of Vermont’s finest, our favorite way to enjoy WhistlePig 15 is fireside on a crisp evening with a perfectly toasted marshmallow.

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