The Taste of Time.

Perfectly Balanced, Naturally Rich & Smooth

Founded in 1838, Glen Ord is one of Scotland's oldest distilleries,
which had been pioneering a long fermentation and slow distillation method
to create a uniquely balanced and smooth malt.
It is one of the only distilleries in Scotland that malts its own barley,
as well as providing malt to several other distilleries.
Area: Highland, Scotland Foundation: 1838


  • The Singleon of Glen Ord 18

    Less spicy, more mature, slightly darker in colour, and deeper in flavour than the 12-year-old; the house style of the distillery, beautifully presented.
  • The Singleton of Dufftown 21

    The Singleton Dufftown 21 Year Old contains whiskies from casks aged for at least 21 years. Only 1 in 20,000 casks used for The Singleton range are used  to craft this liquid.
  • The Singleton of Dufftown 25

    The Singleton Dufftown 25 Year Old contains whiskies from casks aged for at least 25 years. This even rarer offering uses just 1 in 50,000 casks from The Singleton reserves, and each bottles are individually numbered with very limited global supplies.


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