Volcán de mi Tierra

Welcome to a a New Era of Tequila

Volcán de mi Tierra (Volcano of my land) pays hommage to and is named after a real volcano that sits in the Lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, "Volcán de Tequilla". 200,000 years aho the tequila volcano erupted, shaping the land and topography of the Jalisco region. That eruption covered the area in rich volcanic soil, making the area ideal for the growth of blue agave. Volcán is built on an assemblage, selecting the very best agave from two regions (Lowlands and Highlands) to reach a complex and elegant liquid.
Area: Jalisco, Mexico Foundation: 2017


  • Blanco

    Volcán de mi Tierra Blanco blends its herbal citrus and spicy notes indicative of the Lowlands, and fruity notes such as cherry and pear from the Highlands. Its taste combines sweet agave notes with delicate hints of grapefruit and a touch of black pepper spice, carrying forth a well finished balance.
  • Cristalino

    Volcán de mi Tierra Añejo Cristalino is a fusion of aromas: tobacco, dried fruits, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and the cooked agave, all come together to form the unique and elegant style that is indicative of Añejo Cristalino.
  • ​Volcán de mi Tierra X.A

    Volcán de mi Tierra X.A is a rare proposition in the ultra-premium category. Its unique blend of Reposado, Añejo and Extra-Añejo tequilas, revealing a perfect balance of cooked agave, hints of spices and sweet aromas such as notes of vanilla, caramel and dried fruits.

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